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Creative agency Cosalux and Deutsche Post DHL have created a Facebook application, Social Memories, which turns your social circle into a gorgeous, infographic inspired book.

While it’s great to see pics from your favourite events and best friend’s birthday arranged in a glossy magazine-style, pages dedicated to the words you use most in your status updates and the male:female ratio of your friends are even more interesting.

Once the app has generated your book, you can adjust the colour palette, pick your language and (naturally enough) share the whole thing on Facebook. And if you’re particularly enamoured you can get it professionally printed and bound for €19 + shipping.

Souvenirs of our digital lives can be good business.

Link: http://apps.facebook.com/mysocialmemories/


Print Club London

by Mark Nagurski

in Retropreneur

Smart, creative people tend to gravitate around smart, creative spaces. Reinvogorating the art of screen printing, Print Club London combines a ‘co-working’ style membership model, shop, workshops and private commissions to create an exciting business that deserves to be replicated in cities around the world.

Open 24 hours a day 365 days a year. We have six screen beds, two t-shirt carousels, t-shirt dryer, applemacs, storage facilities, washout room and the mother of all exposure units. We supply the facilities and members supply there consumables such as ink, paper, screens and emulsion.

Check it out at www.printclublondon.com

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Applications like 4square have undoubtedly given the idea and enormous boost but it seems as if game mechanics is everywhere at the moment (case in point, we highlighted Yoxi just a few days ago).

Finnish startup Deal Machine applies the concept to a rather obvious opportunity – sales teams. The site allows sales managers to set rules, break down a company’s sales process into targets and rewards, create leader boards etc…

Where else could this simple concept be applied effectively? The answer is anywhere you’d like to motivate people to do something – think business, marketing or ‘doing good’ for starters.

Site: www.dealmachine.net




“What if changing the world could be fun?”

Launched earlier this year Yoxi.tv is using an interesting combination of online video, game mechanics and voting mechanisms to engage users in tackling social issues – in attempt to make changing the world fun.

Very roughly, the site runs challenges where users are invited to develop ideas to address social issues – reinventing fast food is the first. 1-minute videos are then voted on by the community and the best are gradually whittled down through a series of rounds.

What makes Yoxi interesting is that users of the site can increase their influence through a variety of actions, graduating to new levels by earning points for backing winning ideas and giving cash (only paid out if the project you’re supporting wins).  So the more active you are in supporting a successful project, the more weight your voice carries.

It’s very early days but the site has managed to get some traction, not least through its partnership with the excellent Good magazine (where I first found Yoxi). The game play mechanisms and rules seem a little complicated for what the site is hoping to do but it will undoubtedly evolve over time.

In the mean time it’s certainly worth a peek.

Site: www.yoxi.tv

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