We put talent strategy in the highest priority and devote ourselves to build a professional and efficient international team, full of passion, creativity, diligence and pragmatism.

The modern enterprise competition will be eventually attributed to the competition of human capital, therefore talent is the fundamental for Dingsheng Outdoor Living. "Let the professional people do professional things" is Dingsheng’s basic principle of the manpower resource allocation. Make career attractive, mechanism cultivate people, culture unite people and feelings keep people.

We take "the good faith, diligence, people-oriented, innovation" as the main line of enterprise spirit, propose to " subsume personality traits and advocate team work", and try our best to provide development space for each person and make the introduced personnel to bring fully respective advantages under the shared vision and goals.

Dingsheng’s starting point and destination is to respect the human rights, fulfill people’s potential, attach great importance to people’s creativity, recognize human value, resolve interpersonal conflicts, and improve the self-cultivation.
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