Struggling to Find a Good Business Name, Try BrandBucket

by Mark Nagurski

in Business Services

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Coming up with a cool, brandable name for your business isn’t easy – particularly if you’re also looking for one with an available domain name.

Sites like and (previously IncSpring) help startups and would-be entrepreneurs shortcut the creative block and buy ready-made business names, complete with domain name and logo.

Packages on start from a few thousand dollars and include some pretty catchy potential brand names like,,, and

If none of those take your fancy, you could try a site like who will help find a name based on your brief for just $50 – half of which goes to the member of their community who suggests the name you choose.

Or if you’d prefer a more complete service, and have the budget, you might bring in a brand naming consultancy like Namingo, who will look at everything from URLs to trademarks to linguisitic differences to help find that perfect name.

Of course, many of these sites also run by crowdsourcing ideas from communities of contributors – a nice way for a designer or amateur ‘namer’ to earn some extra beer tokens. Then again, if you are particularly creative you might just start a site of your own.

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Caitlin - BrandBucket 03.05.10 at 12:08 am

Thank you so much for mentioning us! You have an excellent domain name, addictive mixed with internet and innovation. We really appreciate it. :D

Mark Nagurski 03.05.10 at 12:11 am

Cheers Caitlin – you making an offer? ;)

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