Wine for Tech Lovers Features Personalised QR Codes

by Mark Nagurski

in Food & Drink

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Wine is not generally known as an industry at the forefront of new technologies. Likewise the Dutch are more normally associated with beer than wine. With that in mind, 94 Wines stands out as something a little different – a Dutch company combining wine with tech.

Launched in November 2009, 94 Wines offers a range of French wines in eye-catching numbered bottles (above). Consumers start by taking a short quiz about their wine preferences before being given a ‘wine ID’ to help guide them in their choices (apparently I’m best suited to 23, 51 and 52). You can also save your Wine ID for friends to view – ideal if you’re planning a dinner party.

Moving beyond their innovative branding, each bottle ordered can also be personalised with a digital message which is stored as a QR code on the label.

These codes can potentially be used to store all kinds of files from text to pictures and even video – so you could record a personal greeting on a bottle before sending it on to a friend. The files can be read using the camera of a mobile phone or by filling in a numerical code on the 94 Wines website.

As you might expect, 94 Wines also have a free iPhone app which includes a ‘WineID test, an advanced QR reader, an overview of the 94Wines assortment and the possibility to look at the profiles of your friends.’

From personalized selections, to personalized messages, to sharing it all with your friends – 94 Wines is certainly on track to achieve their goal of ‘making wines personal’.

And even with all this techno wizardry, bottles start at just €5.99. That’s a business I can relate to.


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