Launchmind: ‘Googling’ for Graduates

by Mark Nagurski

in Business Services

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The online recruitment space is pretty competitive, full of everything from Craigslist-style listings to recruitment agencies to the massive players like Monster.

One of the newest entrants into the foray is London-based startup LaunchMind, a site dedicated to bringing recent graduates together with suitable employers. On its own this isn’t really anything new but as is often the case, it’s in the details that this site aims to set itself apart.

In short, LaunchMind is a searchable database of graduate CVs designed to make it easy for prospective employers to ‘headhunt’ likely candidates based on qualifications and interests.

For example, in just three clicks an employer can find a selection of graduates that have a Masters in Economics and an interest in accounting. The CVs of these graduates can be viewed for free, and if they sound like a good match, they can be contacted from as little as £8 each. To make things even better, recruiters are only charged if the graduates take action to indicate interest.

This ‘Google-style’ approach is designed to help recruiters identify the best prospects, save time sifting through unsuitable applicants and potentially save money.

As an alternative / additional resource for both graduates and recruiters LaunchMind is certainly an attractive option but the challenge for a site like this is scale – both in terms of resumes in the database and employers using the site.

Possibly one for the bigger players to invest in or bring into the fold?


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Rishi 02.19.09 at 1:23 pm

Thanks for the write up Mark – I certainly agree with your remarks. Success largely depends on getting mass adoption by graduates, so we can offer a large and diverse pool of candidates for employers to search through.

I think some of our distinct features are:
1. an accurate search (not like monster for example, where if you search for ‘finance director’ the first result is a software engineer).
2. free access to the cv database, no risk of paying and not finding what you wanted.
3. reading cvs inside the browser, much faster than opening up MS Word.
4. tailored towards graduates and very easy to use (not cluttered with hundreds of useless features).

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